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New Zealand Business Visa

Visas for experienced business persons, intending to buy or establish their own business and a visa for investors:

Long Term Business Category

This is a visa for experienced business persons interested in being self-employed in their own business in New Zealand. Granted for initially 9 months, it allows you to buy or establish your own business. Subsequently an extension of up to 3 years may be possible before applying for a permanent visa.

Entrepreneur & Entrepreneur Plus Category

This is a permanent visa for persons who have successfully established their own business.

Investor & Investor Plus Category

Those are permanent visas requiring an investment of NZ$1.5 million (for 4 years) or NZ$ 10 million (for 3 years) respectively.

Temporary Retirement Category

This is a visa valid for up to two years for persons older than 65 years. An investment of NZ$ 750,000 is required.


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