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Living in New Zealand, called “Aotearoa” by many Maori communities - land of the long white cloud - is a great experience: wonderful weather and relaxed people are probably exactly the change you are looking for.

Life itself might be easy going in New Zealand, but the migration process is certainly not. There are various visa categories and even subcategories which are constantly amended by new legislation.

We are professional immigration advisers and offer our dedicated services to those wishing to move to or travel to New Zealand – people like you.

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We understand that you seek both professional and reliable immigration assistance and a partner providing you with quality services giving you the confidence to successfully achieve your personal migration goal whilst you receive value for money spent. We are licensed immigration advisers in New Zealand, Australia and Germany.

As part of our business philosophy we go the extra mile for our clients. We invite you to find out more and to explore your immigration opportunities:

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We assist your company to get your people to New Zealand – quick, efficient and hassle free so that you can focus on growing the business.

Our well established corporate division caters specifically for both businesses recruiting staff internationally or overseas businesses seconding employees to New Zealand. We assist you with the entire visa application process with Immigration New Zealand all stages.

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Business Migration - Entrepreneurs and Investors

You and your family may be eligible for permanent residency under New Zealand business migration schemes if you have a background in investment activities or a record in business management.

New Zealand Migration International provides strategic assistance if you plan to set up a business in New Zealand. If you seek to explore the New Zealand market place by establishing a new branch we are your natural choice.

We believe that the choice of the best possible business visa category is paramount to maintain your business success.

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