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Government Licensed Immigration Agency

New Zealand Visa and Immigration Services

New Zealand Migration International is the leading specialist in providing the most comprehensive and up to date visa services and immigration solutions.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.With more than 70 licensed Immigration Advisers and Immigration Lawyers we provide high quality immigration services for all sorts of visa applications for New Zealand.

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are specialised to serve:

  • Professionals and Skilled Individuals
  • Small and Medium sized Businesses
  • Investors and Entrepreneurs


Proud to be acknowledged by the New Zealand Ministry

The New Zealand Ministry of Justice has acknowledged New Zealand Migration International as a Government Licensed Immigration Agency for New Zealand under the Act (§1 AuswSG). 

We are excited about this acknowledgement believing we are the first immigration agency having achieved such status. We will continue to make this another amazing year for you. We know we owe all our success to all our clients.

Moving Ahead while Giving Back

In 2018 we launched the Migration Agent and Immigration Lawyer Association (Ask-An-Agent). Ask-An-Agent is designed to bring a breath of fresh air to the visa and immigration industry. It represents our shift to providing immigration solutions and inspiring a better way for our clients to get things done at the same time.

Ask-An-Agent has developed quickly into the trusted online marketplace connecting consumers and businesses with immigration advisors and immigration lawyers making the process of hiring an advisor effortless and efficient. Ask-An-Agent provides comprehensive, high quality immigration services for all sorts of visa applications for New Zealand – at a fraction of the usual costs.


We hope that Ask-An-Agent will be the standard by which other players are measured in terms of costs, quality and reliability within the migration industry “said our Director. “ In the end, we want you to know when you hire an adviser or lawyer, that we got your back.". 


For yet another year, we have been awarded “Best Migration Agency”.

See all our awards:


Find out  what our licensed immigration advisers can do for you:

Immigration Advisers

Which permanent residence visa is better?

Many people are currently trying to apply for a visa to New Zealand. Sounds easy, convenient, and safe.

Permanent Resident Visa New Zealand 

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New Zealand Visa

We understand that you seek both professional and reliable immigration assistance and a partner providing you with quality visa services giving you the confidence to successfully achieve your personal migration goal whilst you receive value for money spent. We are licensed immigration advisers in New Zealand, Australia and Europe.

As part of our business philosophy we go the extra mile for our clients. We invite you to find out more and to explore your immigration opportunities:

New Zealand Visa  Free Online Visa Assessment

Work Visa

We assist your company to get your people to New Zealand – quick, efficient and hassle free so that you can focus on growing the business.

Our well established business division caters specifically for both businesses recruiting staff internationally or overseas businesses seconding employees to New Zealand. We assist you with the entire visa application process with Immigration New Zealand all stages.

Sponsoring Employees Work Visa

Investor Visa New Zealand

You and your family may be eligible for permanent residence under New Zealand investor migration schemes if you have a background in investment activities or a record in business management.

New Zealand Migration International provides strategic assistance if you plan to set up a business in New Zealand.

We believe that the choice of the best possible business visa category is paramount to maintain your business success.

Investor Visa for New Zealand

Citizenship by Investment in New Zealand



Read more about our recent migration events and have at look at the Photo Gallery


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