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New Zealand or Australia - which permanent residence visa is better?

Many people are currently trying to apply for a visa to New Zealand. Sounds easy, convenient, and safe. Unlike Australia, there are no poisonous animals there. However, applying for a visa is not always a good idea and certainly not easy.

We are often asked how a permanent resident (PR) visa application for New Zealand looks like. New Zealand promises a sense of security to family, capital and business. We hear more and more that a visa application can be made quickly. And you could also apply for Citizenship.

We could make life easy for ourselves and tell you what we think of these proposals. But we don't want to make it that easy for ourselves.

We suspect that many immigrants don't understand how "Oceania and New Zealand works".

For this reason, we would like to explain in detail why most New Zealand immigrants with the aim of achieving "Permanent Residence in New Zealand" ultimately do not apply for a New Zealand visa at all.


“Oh God, I couldn't believe my eyes!”

You really read that right!

Many immigrants wishing to invest, live, work or simply retire in New Zealand do not apply for a New Zealand visa at all.

These immigrants apply for a permanent residence visa (PR) for Australia.

And here are the three most common reasons for making that decision:


1) Australian PR visas are also valid for New Zealand

A permanent visa for Australia (PR Australia) has the New Zealand permanent residence (PR New Zealand) built in.

Australians and all Australian PR (Permanent Residence Visa) holders have visa-free access to New Zealand for unlimited work, entrepreneurship, living, studying etc.. At the same time there is access to New Zealand's social security schemes (e.g. health and Pension insurance). If you don't believe it, check out this link: Australia Resident Visa

And do you already suspect it?

This does not apply to New Zealand PR visa holders wishing to move to Australia!

Reason 1: "Why should I settle for limited PR for New Zealand when I can have PR for Australia and New Zealand (Oceania) at the same time?"


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2) Investors and entrepreneurs are used to compare.

So here are the facts:

The minimum investment in Australia for an investor visa is $750,000. New Zealand requires a minimum investment of $3 million.

Reason 2: “As an investor, I would like to apply for a PR visa in Oceania. At the same time, I would like to give less money to the state and prefer to invest my capital securely in my own company. Why should I spend $3 million when $750,000 will do.


3) Word is getting around: A permanent resident visa for Australia is much easier to get.

Here are just a few points of comparison:

  • A qualified immigrant currently needs 65 points to pass the points test in Australia. In New Zealand, at least 165 points are currently required.
  • In Australia you can apply for dual citizenship after just 4 years. In New Zealand you have to wait at least 5 years.
  • In Australia, a dual citizen has access to the Australian State Pension from day one. This does not apply in New Zealand.
  • In Australia, a qualified immigrant can choose the easiest PR option from over 100 different visa options and strategies. There are currently fewer than 5 common PR visa variants in New Zealand.

The reason for this is easy to explain: Approximately 240,000 PR visas are to be issued in Australia every year. However, Australia has not managed to meet the need for qualified immigrants in recent years. There just weren't enough successful applicants for permanent residency in Australia. The Australian conditions for PR visa have been simplified accordingly.

Reason 3: “Australia makes access to permanent residency comparatively easy for me. At the same time, I have many financial advantages in Australia. Then why should I go through the more complicated and difficult ways to apply in New Zealand?”


In short: Times are lousy, and it is important to minimize costs so that you have as much left over as possible.

Whatever you decide: For New Zealand you need courage, discipline, and confidence at the moment, then it will work out!

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