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New Zealand Visa - Which Visa Category?

On this site you will find a list of popular New Zealand visa options which we have listed for your convenience.

As this is an overview only we recommend exploring which visa solution suits your individual circumstances and matches your immigration goal best. Contact us or try our Online Visa Assessment.


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  New Zealand Visa Categories



Permanent Residency in New Zealand

A Permanent Resident (PR) can live, work and conduct business without restriction in New Zealand. Permanent Residents are the holder of an New Zealand permanent visa and have most of the rights and entitlements of an New Zealand citizen.

Permanent Residency status usually provides eligibility to access New Zealand Healthcare (the New Zealand National Health Scheme) and other Social Security benefits.

Permanent Residents are also eligible to sponsor family members or parents for a permanent visa.

Finally, if you have Permanent Residence status and you satisfy certain residential requirements you may apply for New Zealand citizenship.


Migration to New Zealand

Our Immigration Advisers release up to date news about living and working in New Zealand and how to gain the best vis for New Zealand on our blog: Migration New Zealand Blog


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